“Promote what you love rather than bashing what you hate.”

The above quote is interesting, because I feel most of the world’s commentary (including my own) is cynicism about “their” views and actions and ideals. In all of this, we forget to actually give an example of a better alternative. About a year ago, I tried my hand at blogging, and got into it a bit. I found myself in a rather odd position, though, as I was actually very much promoting what I hate.

Don’t get me wrong, simpler living and encouraging others to do the same is definitely something I want to promote. The whole young-trendy (not that I’m anything resembling on-trend) girl with a blog full of DIYs and recipes that makes its readers feel somehow inadequate is not what I wanted. You know the type….the blog that will teach you how to sew your own entire wardrobe, build a house out of mason jars and chalkboard paint, and grow/process/refine your own wheat all while homeschooling five kids and working 40 hours a week as a fashion designer. Maybe not to that extreme, but close to it. After a while, google decided for some reason, that I wasn’t 13-years-old and would therefore delete all of my accounts. It was a small blessing to have no choice in the matter.  I’m glad I’ve had the last year to reflect on the type of blog I would like to contribute to.

See, as women, we have a certain cultural obligation to be lady-like. We are meant to look good, work hard, and do everything just right without complaint. When we see someone else doing “more” than us, we quickly feel somehow inadequate, but we mustn’t reveal this to the outside world. We can only internally bemoan the fact that so-and-so is clearly happier, more loved by her family, and leads a more exciting life than us. We can complain about others shortcomings (actually, rivalry is encouraged), but reveal a blemish on the surface of our own perfect world is unacceptable. That myth of femininity is not one I want to help perpetuate. I am in no way perfect, and I don’t want those around me to ever feel like they do “less” than me. I am constantly blown away by the women in my life and what they accomplish. However, it is not more or less…it is simply, different. This is something I need to remind myself of often. DIYs and recipes are something I love and would love to share, but I also want to share random thoughts and musings and confessions about my own life. I want us all to be a community sharing rather than comparing. So hopefully this time around, things can be a bit more personal and less show pony.


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